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September 26, 2022Supporting Agency Capacity for Effective Regulation

TCEQ needs the flexibility to hire and retain qualified employees to continue effective regulatory oversight. Texas Emissions Reduction Program funding for alternative fuel infrastructure should be reevaluated to address the needs of heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell trucks.

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August 10, 2022SB 1102 (87-R): TRUE Program

The data collected on short-term credentials through TRUE program, combined with the work of BTST to determine which credentials are credentials of value, can be seamlessly integrated into workforce-aligned reforms

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July 26, 2022Texas Parents Anxious About Their Child’s Education, with Hispanics and Spanish-Speakers the Most Worried

The only way the state can overcome the academic deficits it currently faces is by viewing parents as powerful partners in this change and equipping them with the data they need to advocate for their child.

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June 13, 2022Testimony on Work-Based Learning (Interim Charge) Senate Natural Resources & Economic Development Committee

Work-based learning is already a strong tool for the state to strengthen its workforce and secure its long-term economic competitiveness. However, as HB 1247 articulates, there is a need to ensure that any Texan wanting to participate in a work-based learning program has the opportunity to do so.

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March 3, 2021Changing World Oil Markets and the Texas Economy

New research by Texas 2036 and Center for Houston’s Future on the impact of changing world oil markets on the Texas economy.

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