Keeping More People, Goods and Information Moving


Key to Texas’ strong economic performance has been the state’s robust, diverse multi-modal transportation system. From international airports to 21 seaports to 300,000 miles of roadway, the state’s transportation infrastructure helps bring jobs and opportunities to Texas. This success is reflected in the fact that Texas is the country’s top exporting state.

Congestion hurts productivity, worsens our air and lessens our quality of life. Continued population growth concentrated in urban areas puts more strain on the system. It will require much innovation and significant investments for transportation to remain an economic asset.

Just as products and people need to move through Texas, so does information. Reliable, high-speed data networks will underpin the next generation of innovation in mobility, healthcare, and jobs, yet too many Texans – particularly in rural Texas – lack the broadband access needed to fully participate in these opportunities.


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