Leveraging Data to Shape Our Future

At Texas 2036, data informs our development of a long-term strategic framework and is used to monitor the resulting progress. Here are the ways we’re using data to ensure Texans have a better future. 
Where to Start?
Texas 2036 Data Lab

Data Lab

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Our Data Lab offers Texans unique and timely data visualization tools. Data sets include a wide range of topics, such as education & workforce, health & human services, infrastructure, demographics, natural resources, justice & safety, government performance and the economy.

Education to Workforce Reporting Tool

Education and Workforce Reporting Tool

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Powered by Educational Results Partnership, our Education to Workforce Reporting Tool allows Texans to explore the data that links Texas public schools, public colleges, universities and our workforce  to identify opportunities that will lead to student success.

Case for Action Data Interactive

Case for Action Data Interactive

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Our data interactive story, “Come & Make It,” allows Texans to experience how our state’s demographics are changing and explore the key challenges related to water, transportation and education that Texas will need to get right over the coming decades.

Live-And-Work Performance Indicators

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Our state-wide performance indicators seek to highlight key factors in answering what makes our state the best place to live and work. Learn more about the most critical measures of success for our state’s future.