Texas 2036 has set 36 aspirational goals across several different policy areas that can help guide Texas towards ensuring it is the best place to live and work.

Explore the data behind each goal by tracking progress across 36 primary indicators, comparisons to other peer states, and improvement across over 100 leading indicators.


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2022 Strategic Framework

The second edition of Shaping Our Future: A Strategic Framework for Texas, is rooted in our commitment to tackling the most pressing issues our state faces in the best way we know how: the “Texas way.” We breakdown our organization’s 36 aspirational goals for Texas to reach by the year 2036, along with the primary metrics by which progress towards those goals will be measured. 

2020 Strategic Framework

The first edition of the Strategic Framework, Shaping Our Future: A Strategic Framework for Texas, focused on seven policy pillars representing the most significant drivers of Texans’ prosperity and quality of life: prosperity and well-being, education and workforce, health, infrastructure, natural resources, justice and safety, and government performance.

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