Strategic Framework: Texas 2036 launches new features

In our Strategic Framework, Texas 2036 rolls out a vision for the Lone Star State built on six broad policy pillars representing the most significant drivers of Texans’ prosperity. These pillars are accompanied by 36 ambitious but achievable goals for the future of Texas, measured by over 150 metrics to help us monitor “the state of the state.” The Framework provides in-depth, cross-cutting data to inform key decisions about the most significant issues facing the state.

Today we invite you to visit the new features of our Strategic Framework. These exciting additions are focused on the user experience — enhancing both the ability to compare metrics across states and allow efficient searching to quickly locate the data that interests you.

National rankings of all primary indicators

Primary indicators are metrics that are used to measure progress on each of our aspirational goals. Now, all of them are compiled in one convenient Rankings page. You can easily gain a national view of all primary indicators, which align with our 36 goals, with a few mouse clicks. Both a dynamic map and lollipop chart allow a bird’s eye view of how all states compare on key metrics. For example, we find that Texas ranks 12th out of 12 peer states on our primary indicator of Early Literacy: 4th grade reading scores. 

Interactive comparison of states of interest

If your focus is a subset of states, we have provided a bar chart to display how states you choose compare on a particular primary indicator. The default chart includes Texas and peer states — users can add or remove states for alternate comparisons. 

Catalog of all indicators

All 150-plus primary and leading indicators are cataloged on our new Search page. Metadata detailing information on the metrics are displayed, including available subgroups, years currently covered and public data sources. With one glance, users can access numerous details around the rich data driving the Strategic Framework.

Filter/Search Function

Accompanying the catalog are numerous filter and search boxes that efficiently create focus on the data you find most relevant. Interested in a particular policy pillar, a certain subset of the population, a particular year? All can be isolated using the helpful filter and search features that help place a microscope on what you find important. 

The Strategic Framework data platform is intended to be a source of data and insights, to help visitors understand the challenges facing our state and the goals intended to help Texas be the best place to live and work by 2036. We hope these new features will help users research important topics and understand how well Texas is progressing on this journey.