Ensuring success through our Bicentennial

Texas 2036 empowers Texans and their government to make informed decisions using data and a long-term strategic plan to sustain Texas as the best place to live and do business through our state bicentennial and beyond.


Since its birth in 1836,
Texas has fostered a culture of bold, creative, and enduring people who have seized the opportunities this special land offers. To maintain Texas as the epicenter for opportunity, we must act now to sustain the unique qualities that have enabled our historic success.

We invite you to visit often to inform yourself about the future of Texas as we offer continuously updated data, news, information, and planning to inform state public policy and action.

Texans have enjoyed decades of economic growth & prosperity made possible by:


Large, employable workforce


Infrastructure to support economic expansion


Business-friendly political environment


Vast natural resources

Companies have thrived in Texas’ business friendly environment.


Cost of Doing Business
2015 (Released 2017)
100 = US Average


Cost of Business Chart

For decades, Texas has offered abundant economic opportunity and an affordable quality of life.


Cost of Living Index


Cost of Living Chart


Household Income


While the short-term outlook for Texas remains positive, storm clouds are gathering on the horizon.

Population growth is forecasted to increase 40% by 2036 (approx 41 million people)

That means Texas must add 4.5 - 7.8 million new jobs by 2036 to maintain current employment rates, roughly equivalent to recreating the DFW and Houston metro areas

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, non-farm employment, November 2017

Yet we are unprepared to meet the demands of tomorrow’s employment needs

65% of jobs will require a certificate or 2- or 4- year degree. Yet today, only 23% of Texas students do.

Source: Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce; Houston Endowment

Healthcare costs are rising, crowding out other funding, while poor outcomes persist.

40th in obesity ranking, 43rd in maternal health outcomes, 33rd in mental health outcomes

Source: Texas Comptroller Data, America Health Ratings, 2016 Annual Report

Infrastructure needs and costs are increasing while funding fails.

Vehicle miles traveled and revenue from gas tax, actuals through 2017 with projections 2018-2036

Source: Dallas Federal Reserve

Vehicle Miles Traveled Revenue From Gas Tax

Unsustainable practices in resource-rich Texas are decreasing natural resource quality,

42% of water bodies do not meet water quality standards.

Source: Texas Water Development Board, Energy Information Initiative, American Lung Association, U.S. Census

directly impacting quality of life.

3 of the Top 25 most ozone polluted US cities

Source: Texas Water Development Board, Energy Information Initiative, American Lung Association, U.S. Census

State government must be better equipped to perform...

Nearly 80% of state IT resources are dedicated to maintaining current systems limiting ability to transform technology

Source: Legislative Budget Board; Texas Department of Information Resources

In an age of increasing scale and complexity.

108 state contracts over $100M each with largest single contract over $16B.

Source: Legislative Budget Board

Our Mission

Enable Texans to make fact-driven decisions through accessible data, long-term strategic policy planning, and statewide engagement that ensures Texans’ wellbeing and economic prosperity.



Our Vision

Texas is the leading state in which to live and do business in 2036 and beyond.

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We Can Sustain the Texas we Love if We Act Now

We believe we can keep Texas on the right track by focusing on change in six key policy areas, tracking outcomes overtime, and holding policy makers accountable for future-oriented action.

Education & Workforce

We need a large educated workforce to fill continued job growth that will lead to economic prosperity and quality of life.

Government Performance

With data, we can overcome the focus on short-term partisan wins to include sustained wins over time with an eye toward accountability regardless of political affiliation.

Health & Human Services

From primary to intensive care and physical to mental health, the wellbeing of all Texans is essential to stability and prosperity.


In order to support continued growth, our infrastructure needs to keep in step.

Natural Resources

We must find the balance of sustaining our resources and leveraging new technologies while meeting our rising need for production.

Safety & Justice

Texas faces a wide range of safety and justice issues stemming from diverse urban, rural and border populations.

We know that systemic change requires a disciplined approach of incremental changes over short-term cycles that align to achieve long-term goals. It takes deep commitment sustained over time.


We are currently working with experts on a Strategic Plan that is rooted in credible, actionable metrics for success.


“Our optimism is rooted in the belief that we can influence our future before trouble comes…creating the future for our children and grandchildren to live the Texas dream.”

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