Strategic Framework: Your guide to our 7 key findings

In our “Strategic Framework: 7 Key Findings” series, we dive in on recent data across our 36 aspirational goals from the new edition of our Strategic Framework to take a look at how Texas is doing compared to peer states based on our six policy areas and an overarching policy of prosperity and well-being.

Here’s your guide to our seven key findings.

Dallas, Texas, aerial view sunrise

Education and Workforce

A strong education system today ensures a strong workforce and a prosperous economy tomorrow.

Here’s what we found: Strong education system, strong workforce

Health and Health Care

Because of rising health care prices and relatively poor care outcomes, finding good value in health remains one of Texas’ most profound challenges.

Here’s what we found: All policy is health policy


Reliable and varied infrastructure is the backbone of the Texas economy.

Our state’s population is projected to increase nearly 25% by 2036 to more than 38 million residents — a massive influx of people that will put Texas’ infrastructure to the test.

Here’s what we found: Roads, broadband, electricity and the TX economy

Natural Resources

Abundant natural resources have allowed Texas to prosper. Continued success depends on wise stewardship of air, water and land resources to ensure continued healthy economic growth.

Here’s what we found: Lack of clean air, water and preserving Texas’ open spaces

Justice and Safety

The Texas justice and safety system should aim to keep every person safe, especially society’s most vulnerable.

Here’s what we found: Keeping Texas and its most vulnerable safe

Government Performance

Currently, long-term liabilities account for two-thirds of state obligations, and Texas’ state budget revenues rank fourth most volatile among its 12 peer states.

Here’s what we found: Increasing confidence in government performance

Prosperity and Well-being

Increased prosperity and well-being statewide, through 2036 and beyond ensures current and future Texas generations of Texans will thrive.

Here’s what we found: Building prosperity and quality of life