Public confidence in law enforcement is a public safety strategy. Public trust depends on transparency, accessibility and accountability.

An effective regulatory structure that oversees law enforcement and serves Texans needs a strong foundation in data. Texas 2036 partnered with Benchmark Analytics to explore two issues:

  1. The sufficiency of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement’s (TCOLE) data collection and management
  2. How Texas handles the “wandering officer” problem

The resulting Data Landscape report shows a serious need to support an improved data capacity and infrastructure at TCOLE that is based on transparency, accessibility and accountability.

Data Landscape Key Takeaways:

  • Compared to peer states, TCOLE oversees more agencies with fewer resources
  • Texas’ broken system for handling the “wandering officer” needs transparency and reform
  • TCOLE’s database for licensees and agencies has potential to support agencies and inform the public
  • Texas needs to drastically improve the collection of motor vehicle stop data