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Shaping Our Future sets out 36 strategic goals across seven core state policy areas vital for the long term success of Texas. The framework, which is both aspirational with a focus on the future and pragmatic for shaping policy decisions today, incorporates more than 160 indicators from dozens of publicly available sources to measure Texas’ progress toward accomplishing these goals. We invite our fellow Texans to join us in shaping the future of the Lone Star State.

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36 Strategic Goals For Texas To Achieve By 2036

Taken together, the report’s goals and analyses paint an evolving, data-rich portrait of Texas. Shaping Our Future offers a perspective that should guide the state’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis in ways that create future dividends as well as immediate results.

While each of the seven policy areas showcases its own opportunities and challenges, the Framework also identifies three key themes: equity, rural communities, and children, that run through all of the policy areas. These themes highlight the interrelatedness of the issues that matter the most to our future.

If Texans and their leaders begin working to make a real difference on these vital issues — especially as we come together to rebuild our economy — then the opportunities it illuminates are clear and promising.

Texas 2036 encourages people across the state to add their names in support of these aspirational goals – a platform that promotes prosperity for all Texans.

Key Findings Of the Report:

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