Workforce priorities: 2023 TX Lege Agenda

Texas 2036 is hard at work drilling down into the policy issues that matter most to Texans. Here’s a look at our workforce priorities for the upcoming 88th Legislative Session. 

Texas 2036 policy focus:

Our Workforce policy efforts: Improving postsecondary achievement with better workforce outcomes. 

What we’re focused on:

  • Postsecondary workforce alignment
  • Access to economic mobility
  • Efficient postsecondary pathways

The goal: Texas 2036 wants to ensure Texans have the education and skills necessary to pursue a productive career and earn a family-sustaining wage. 

Workforce alignment:

Community college finance: A new funding formula recommended by the Texas Commission on Community College Finance can help students improve wage outcomes and Texas employers hire the skilled labor they need to grow our state’s economy.

According to Texas 2036’s analysis of state data:

0.2% of state community college funding is aligned to employers’ workforce needs today. 

Workforce credentials: Texas has the opportunity to significantly increase the number of workforce credentials—think certifications and degrees—earned in high school, particularly in rural schools, by adopting the recommendations of the Texas Commission on Virtual Education.

By 2030, 62% of jobs in Texas will require a postsecondary credential.

Texas Voter Poll take: 87% of Texas voters agree that community colleges should focus on offering course programs that match the needs of the local workforce. 

Learn more about our 2023 Legislative Agenda.