Education and Workforce: What TX voters agree on

Most Texas voters agree that investments in education and workforce development should be a top priority for legislators in 2023.

That’s the far-reaching conclusion of our 5th Texas Voter Poll, which was released earlier this month. Here are the key takeaways on education and workforce from our survey.

Education is a top priority for voters

When asked how they wanted to spend Texas’ record surplus of $27 billion, Texas voters identified public education as the top priority in our voter poll. 

“Texas voters strongly support common-sense action and sustainable investments in water, workforce, and education – leaving future generations a foundation for success,” said John Hryhorchuk, senior vice president of policy and advocacy for Texas 2036.

Texans support teacher pay

The big picture: Texas voters strongly support increasing teacher pay for both merit-based and across-the-board.

  • 79% of voters support across-the-board pay raises for all teachers.
  • 65% of voters support prioritizing those who serve higher-need students.

Texans support annual reading and math tests 

What we found: 87% of Texas voters support the use of annual reading and math tests to provide “apples-to-apples comparisons” of how local schools are performing relative to others in the state. Only 7% of voters opposed the use of such tests.

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Voters: Post-secondary education credentials should be a priority

By the numbers: Nearly 90% of Texas voters believe it is important for the state to focus on increasing the number of post-secondary credentials while students are still in high school. 

  • 34% said it is extremely important.
  • 32% said it was very important.
  • 23% said it was somewhat important.

Why it matters: Voters want to ensure Texas students will be college- and career-ready after graduation.

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