Texans support infrastructure investments for tomorrow

The promise of a prosperous Texas tomorrow hinges on the decision to invest in infrastructure today. Smart, strategic investments in infrastructure yield long-term dividends for all Texans in the forms of economic growth, community vitality and quality of life.

On Nov. 7, Texas voters will have the opportunity to strengthen several key infrastructure pillars essential to our growing and prospering economy. These include:

  • Proposition 6, creating a new water infrastructure fund;
  • Proposition 8, establishing a state broadband infrastructure fund; and
  • Proposition 14, focused on delivering more state parks for Texas families.

Each proposition on November’s ballot represents a smart, strategic investment in Texas’ future. The good news is that according to Texas 2036’s recent Texas Voter Poll data, Texans are open to moving forward for the betterment of our state.

Proposition 6 takes aim at Texas’ two principal water infrastructure challenges. These include the need for more water supplies for our drought-prone state and the growing problem of aging, deteriorating water systems.

Texans know that water is essential to our survival. When asked about Proposition 6, 74% of voters surveyed said they would vote for this addition to the state’s water infrastructure financing strategy. Just 10% of voters opposed Proposition 6.

In addition to water infrastructure, voters also support Texas’ march forward into the Digital Age. A majority of voters surveyed indicated that they would support Proposition 8 creating the broadband infrastructure fund to expand high-speed internet access across Texas. Only 18% of voters said they would oppose the broadband proposition.

If approved by voters, the fund would not only help close the digital divide in Texas, but would also help finance Next Generation 911 services and maximize the drawdown of federal dollars available to the state for broadband expansion.

Here, voters recognize that just as a rising tide lifts all boats, expanding broadband access opens the door for the entire state to benefit from the digital economy.

Lastly, voters strongly support investments in state parks. The importance of our state park system was placed in stark relief during the COVID pandemic, when thousands of Texas families flocked to our parks for a breath of fresh air.

Many found that there weren’t enough parks and park space to go around. Additionally, our 2022 report with Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy found that parks are also rural economic development engines, where every dollar spent at state parks yields between $4 and $12 in regional economic return.

Proposition 14 on November’s ballot offers to create a new centennial parks fund for the creation and improvement of state parks. Not surprisingly, a strong majority of voters, 74%, plan to vote for Proposition 14 this fall, while just 12% oppose.

Readers can learn more about Texas 2036’s poll data on these upcoming propositions and other issues, including public education and our state’s energy future, by visiting Texas2036.org/poll/. Our website includes an interactive tool that allows users to see how voters in different regions of the state think about these propositions.

Each of these propositions was approved by strong, bipartisan majorities in the Texas House and Senate earlier this year. Should Texans approve Propositions 6, 8, and 14 this November, Texas will remain on the right track toward building the infrastructure needed for a prosperous tomorrow.

Mitrah Avini is a policy analyst and Jeremy B. Mazur is a senior policy advisor at Texas 2036, a nonprofit public policy organization building long-term, data-driven strategies to secure Texas’ prosperity.