Texas Voter Poll

In advance of next week’s third special legislative session, a new poll shows Texas voters are increasingly concerned about the state’s future — and they overwhelmingly want leaders to take advantage of billions of federal stimulus dollars coming to Texas.

The statewide voter poll, conducted by the nonprofit organization Texas 2036, shows a growing percentage of Texas voters believe state government is not solving problems or serving the needs of its residents, and clearly support state actions to solve long-term challenges and address issues driving public concern.

“This poll shows that Texans are still one people — far more binds us than divides us. Most of us share the same aspirations, want to take advantage of the same opportunities, and recognize the challenges that Texas will have to overcome to create a thriving economy. The legislature can help address those concerns about the future — and capitalize on the powerful opportunities we now face — by appropriating federal COVID relief funds in an ambitious, responsible, far-sighted way.”

–Margaret Spellings, Texas 2036 President & CEO

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September 2021 Texas Voter Poll Cover

Key Highlights

  • 26% of Texas voters said they feel financially worse off than they did the year before. Just 20% said they believe they are better off.
  • 52% of Texas voters say that the State of Texas is worse off than it was this time last year, and only 13% of voters believe the State of Texas is headed in a better direction than last year.
  • 92% of Texas voters expressed concern about the state’s future, with 58% saying that they are very or extremely concerned.
  • By overwhelming majorities, Texas voters endorsed the use of federal COVID-19 relief money for large-scale projects that would improve life in Texas today and create a firmer foundation for the state’s future economic growth.