Texas voters show strong support for leveraging the $32.7 billion budget surplus to tackle big priorities.

Texas voters share their concerns for the future and suggest opportunities for how state lawmakers could invest the $32.7 billion state revenue surplus in Texas 2036’s sixth Texas Voter Poll.

They back using the historic surplus to tackle a wide range of issues, including access to clean water and broadband, modernizing state government IT and cybersecurity systems or investing in community college courses that lead to high-paying jobs.

Voters also give legislators a mandate to take action addressing the affordability and accessibility of quality child care, housing and health care, and to maintain rigor when it comes to public education.




Texas voters indicated strong support for addressing our state’s water challenges.

89% of Texas voters support using $5 billion, or about 15% of surplus funds, to help Texas communities fix aging water infrastructure.

And the support is strong: 63% of Texas voters across all demographics, geography and party affiliation said they strongly support this plan.


The federal government has set aside billions of dollars for high-speed internet and broadband expansion in Texas. In order to access those funds, matching funds are required from state or local governments or the private sector.

88% of Texas voters believe it is important to get the maximum amount of federal funds to support broadband.


Space Exploration

Texas has a long history of leading national efforts in space exploration, including NASA facilities as well as private sector operations such as SpaceX. Currently, a budget proposal at the Capitol allocates $350 million for a new Texas Space Commission.

73% of Texas voters said it was important for Texas to continue its leadership in space exploration.


Additional Findings



of Texas voters support using $2 billion, or about 6% of the surplus, to improve flood prevention infrastructure.



of Texas voters support using $2 billion, or about 6% of the surplus, to improve the state’s technology and cybersecurity.



of Texas voters support using $650 million, or about 2% of the surplus, to invest in community college students’ outcomes linked to good jobs.

State Parks


of Texas voters favor using $1 billion, or about 3% of the surplus funds, to build new state parks and improve existing parks.



of Texas voters are concerned about affordable housing.



of Texas voters favor the state requiring schools to use instructional materials that have been reviewed by the state and shown to be higher quality.



of Texas voters think most Texas parents do not have access to affordable childcare options.



of Texas voters trust local police and law enforcement to handle crime and public safety issues.

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