Supporting key infrastructure and concerns on extreme weather

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Strong Support For Water, State Parks and Broadband Constitutional Amendments

Setting the stage: Originally launched in 2020, our 7th Texas Voter Poll was conducted at the end of August.

  • The poll gauges public support for nonpartisan policies and lays out a roadmap for state leaders to strengthen voter confidence and move Texas forward.

A sweeping consensus: Nearly three-fourths of Texas voters favor significant investments in the state’s water systems and parks.

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A majority of Texas voters also support investments in expanding access to broadband internet service.

  • The takeaway: There is an opportunity for voters to learn more about the merits of closing the digital divide.

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Pocketbook fears: Extreme weather and rising costs of homeownership 🏡

87% of Texas voters expressed concern that weather-related events in Texas such as wildfires, floods, drought and hurricanes may increase what they pay for property insurance.

  • The summer of 2023 regularly featured stories about extreme heat and severe drought conditions across Texas. We’ve also seen news reports on insurance companies raising rates and even leaving other state markets due to worsening extreme weather trends.

Texas Voter Poll infrastructure extreme weather concerns QAt the same time, 41% of Texas voters think that Texas’ climate has changed dramatically over the past 10 years.

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  • The current figure is nine points higher than what we measured in September 2021.

Energy expansion: Keep it affordable ⚡️

Amid global market volatility and the emergence of new technologies that are changing the energy landscape, we delved into the perspectives of Texas voters about what is important to them during this evolving energy paradigm.

A staggering 97% of Texas voters emphasized the critical need for energy to remain as affordable as possible for all Texans.

Texas Voter Poll infrastructure energy prioritiesVoters additionally placed importance on:

  • Identifying ways to support energy innovation — 92%
  • Keeping Texas a leader in producing energy — 91%
  • Ensuring that a move to new energy technologies doesn’t harm state tax revenues and school funding — 89%
  • Maintaining jobs in the oil and gas industry — 85%

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