Strategic Framework Guide: Best ways to use it

This is part of our guide series to “Shaping Our Future: A Strategic Framework for Texas.” The Strategic Framework provides in-depth, cross-cutting data to inform key decisions about the most significant issues facing the state.

The Strategic Framework, with its composite goals and metrics, is a robust resource for Texas policymakers and leaders as they consider what it will take for Texas to be a place of shared opportunity for decades to come. As members of the Development team at Texas 2036, it is a milestone that affirms investments, partnerships and our daily work to connect with more Texans and raise awareness about the state’s fundamental needs.

The structure of the framework also allows all Texans to consider what it might take to ensure the long-term economic prosperity and quality of life of our state. Living in Texas is unique; using the Strategic Framework dashboard and engaging in the data provided, you’ll soon see all of the connections between growth and services in our great state. In addition, it will help you to be an informed citizen, ask relevant questions about the state’s future and contribute to future generations of Texans.

Therefore, we encourage you to consider these questions as you use the Strategic Framework website to see where Texas stands on each goal. 

  1. What would it mean for Texas, and for individual Texans, if our state achieved these goals? What would it mean if it failed to? 
  2. Where is Texas doing better than I thought it was? Where is it doing worse? 
  3. Am I holding the elected officials who represent me accountable for ensuring that the state, and even my community, is making progress on these goals and metrics? How should these goals shape how I vote? 
  4. How is this information helpful to me? How should these goals, and Texas’ current progress towards them, shape how I use my professional, civic and personal networks and engagements to influence action on them? 
  5. What are ways that I can help Texas achieve these goals?