At Texas 2036, we love celebrating the Lone Star State. In fact, we were created with one overarching goal — to make sure Texas can celebrate its 200th birthday knowing that it is the best place to live, work and raise a family.

This month, we’ll use the occasion of America’s birthday (Happy 248th, USA!) to spotlight Texas’ mighty contributions to our nation. We might not have been one of the 13 original states, but Texas is more than ever a linchpin to the nation.

The Texas Miracle and the American Dream

The Texas Century refers to our status as the nation’s jobs creator blazing a path to a prosperous future for all.

As Texans, the belief that every citizen should have the opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative is particularly close to our hearts.

In recent years, this dream has manifested in what many have called the “Texas Miracle” — our state’s unmatched resilience during periods of national economic downturn.

But far from being an accident of chance, this “miracle” is the result of forward-thinking policies from years prior that yielded benefits we now enjoy.Similar opportunities are available to us today, where data-driven investments can yield the long-term benefits of tomorrow.

As we celebrate our nation’s birth and prepare for our state’s bicentennial, we believe we are on the precipice of a Texas Century — one in which our status as the nation’s jobs creator blazes a path to a prosperous future.

The Texas Century is NOW!