Red Flags

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Red Flags Ahead

Texas is attracting people, jobs and businesses from all over the world. Our pro-growth business climate, business-friendly tax structure and relatively low cost of living have made Texas the economic envy of the nation.

So why worry?

Because our population will grow by 10 million in less than two decades, which will require 8 million new jobs to keep up with that growth.
1 Million

More Texans by 2036

  • Jobs That Require A College Degree
  • 8th Graders That Complete A Postsecondary Degree
Because 71% of jobs will require at least some college, but only 28% of Texas 8th graders complete a postsecondary degree or certificate within six years of high school graduation.
Because too many children – 1 out of every 4 – live below the poverty line, which reduces educational and economic mobility
Because if a major drought of record hit today, Texas would not be able to meet about ¼, or 4.8 million acre-feet, of our water needs.

Average health care expenditures increase each year

Because health care expenditures have risen an average of 6.9% each year while Texas continues to rank among the bottom half of states in key health measures such as diabetes, cardiovascular deaths, child immunizations, and maternal mortality.
Because the average urban Texas commuter already spends 54 hours in traffic each year and this number is projected to rise to 63 hours by 2025 without new, creative mobility solutions.
Because 31% of rural Texans lack access to modern high-speed broadband service.
Because only one third of Texas state agencies have analytic capacity today.