Policy Process

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Building a Framework for Long-Term Success

Texas needs systematic transformation in order to meet the demands of a surging and changing population and continue our prosperity, and such transformation requires thorough, reliable data.

Policy Timeline

Research (2019)

  • Gather and analyze data, interview experts and stakeholders and study national research and best practices.
  • Identify major statewide trends in six key research areas: education and workforce, equal opportunity, government performance, health, infrastructure and natural resources.

Strategic Framework (2020)

  • Release a long-term strategic framework that lays out a framework to address critical issues in Texas and ensure our state’s future success.

Advocacy (2020-2036 and beyond)

  • Build statewide coalitions of stakeholders around shared goals.
  • Publicize and advocate for policy recommendations each legislative cycle that support our long-term strategic framework.
  • Continuously measure progress and adjust policy efforts accordingly through research, data, and expert interviews.

Policy Process: Informed by Three Factors

Data Analysis

  • We are compiling data from various public sources to identify concerning trends.
  • We have met with government officials, policy experts, business leaders, scholars, non-profit directors and other experienced individuals to discuss data sources and analysis.
  • We are emphasizing macro-level trends in our analysis, such as demographic and economic changes.

Expert Advice

  • We have interviewed over 140 experts and stakeholders around Texas across all policy areas. 
  • We are partnering with scholars, experts and universities. 

Best Practices for Texas

  • We are working to ensure our findings are informed by research.
  • We are identifying best practices.

We are working to translate key findings to the Texas context.