Our Policy Process

Building a Framework for Long-Term Success

Texas 2036 was born out of a love for Texas and a recognition that long-term, data-driven policies and an ongoing vigilance are required to ensure we enjoy a future that sustains and expands opportunity for all Texans. Smart strategies and systematic changes represent an essential foundation for that future.

This is why Texas 2036 has amassed and contextualized hundreds of data sets and why we have been working on policy research across critical policy areas, such as education and workforce, health, justice and safety, government performance, infrastructure and natural resources.

Generations of Texans before us took deliberate and difficult steps to ensure the prosperity and quality of life many of us enjoy today. Now, we must look ahead to what the future could be, build upon our legacy of success, and overcome challenges that lie beyond the horizon, such as:

  • Texas has struggled to effectively educate all students so they can actively participate in an increasingly modern economy.
  • Health expenditures are ballooning, while Texas ranks in the bottom half of U.S. states on many health measures.
  • We must prepare for a radical shift in how people and goods are moved, as alternative types of mobility become commonplace.
  • We must ensure responsible use of our natural resources and balance economic value with stewardship for future generations.
  • We must better protect our most vulnerable populations.
  • And we must think differently about how this $250 billion enterprise we call the State of Texas best allocates resources to provide the greatest opportunity for the greatest number of Texans.

In pursuit of a vibrant future, Texas 2036 rolled out our Strategic Framework, which lays out 36 important goals connected to our collective prosperity. It is rooted in a commitment to tackle the most pressing issues our state faces in the best way we know how — the “Texas way.”

Prior to the next legislative session, we will be rolling out policies and an advocacy agenda that we will call on Texans to support. We look forward to engaging with Texans across this state.

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