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Texas 2036 Gives Thanks 🙏

As we head into the holiday season, we at Texas 2036 are reflecting on what we are thankful for this year. Family, friends and health top the list, but there’s plenty more for which we are filled with gratitude.

This includes you, our supporters, for caring as much about Texas as we do. As we continue to focus on data-driven strategies to help secure Texas’ continued prosperity for years to come, our policy team is highlighting the work—and the people behind it—moving our state forward.

On education and workforce …

“I’m grateful for school finance House Bill 3‘s emphasis on data-driven practices that improve student outcomes. Our NAEP and STAAR scores would have been much worse without it.” –Mary Lynn Pruneda, senior policy advisor

“I’m grateful for the hard work, dedication and partnership of the Texas Commission on Community College Finance to thoroughly craft recommendations that will help Texans get the education and training they need to successfully provide for themselves and their family.” –Renzo Soto, policy advisor

On infrastructure …

“I’m thankful for the growing recognition among Texans and state leaders that investment in our water infrastructure needs to be a priority. The challenges from this recent drought, and the growing problems associated with aging, deteriorating water systems, illustrates the need to focus on water infrastructure as essential for the continued growth and economic development of our state.” –Jeremy Mazur, senior policy advisor

“I’m thankful for efforts to help bring high-speed internet to underserved Texas communities, such as the Kickapoo Tribe of Texas. Thanks to a $2.6 million grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration this year, 354 Native American households in Texas will gain access to a reliable, high-speed internet connection.” –Mitrah Avini, policy analyst

On health care …

“I am thankful for Texas’ leadership in ensuring appropriate alignment of Affordable Care Act premiums that has resulted in far more affordable health insurance plans on the individual marketplace. Thanks to SB 1296, we anticipate that federal subsidies will increase by $1 billion, leading to an additional 200,000 Texans gaining coverage.” Charles Miller, senior policy advisor

“I am grateful for the Legislature‘s efforts to expand postpartum Medicaid coverage. Keeping moms insured will keep them healthy so they can best care for their babies.” –Emily Dove, policy advisor

On government performance …

“I am grateful that a strong economy and prudent fiscal management has created a historic budget surplus, allowing our elected officials to come together in 2023 to make generationally-impactful investments in education, infrastructure and other bipartisan priority areas.”  –John Hryhorchuk, senior vice president of policy and advocacy

“I’m grateful for the creation of the Joint Oversight Committee on Investment in Information Technology Improvement that first met in August, which is the first step towards ensuring our data systems and other tech needs can be addressed outside of a limiting two-year cycle.” –Hope Osborn, manager of policy and advocacy  

On natural resources …

“I am grateful we will have funding opportunities this upcoming session to invest in and expand the beautiful, rural economic engine that is our Texas state park system.” –Rahul Sreenivasan, policy advisor

On justice and safety …

“I’m grateful for the 68 employees at the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, who are responsible for overseeing nearly 2,800 law enforcement agencies and over 140,000 licensed peace officers, county jailers and telecommunicators in Texas.” –Luis Soberon, policy advisor

ICYMI: 88th Legislative Agenda 💼

Texas 2036 Top Priorities: Earlier this month, we shared our agenda for the upcoming 88th Legislative Session.

  • With four priority areas—education and workforce, infrastructure, health care, and government performance—we’re focused on the policy issues that matter most to Texans.

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Texas 2036: Board of Directors 💼

Shaping Our Future: Texas businessman Tom Luce founded Texas 2036 in 2016 amid growing concern that without careful consideration, planning and decision-making for the next generation, the tremendous opportunities Texas offers may not exist for future generations.

  • By 2019, Texas 2036 took off to become a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization building long-term, data-driven strategies to secure Texas’ prosperity through the state’s bicentennial and beyond.

Here and Now: Today, our organization offers non-partisan ideas and modern solutions. We are grounded in research and data on issues that matter most to all Texans.

  • In 2023, Tom will transition into the role of Founding Chairman as Marc Watts of Houston succeeds him as the Chairman of the Board.

Meet the Board: We recently welcomed four new members to our Board of Directors on Sept. 22. Get to know them and the other Texans serving our organization.

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