Water is a priority for Texas voters: poll

You know what Texans agree is a priority  – water.

Here are three takeaways from our 5th Texas Voter Poll on why Texas voters have water on their minds this midterm.

Texans want more water supply investments

Our poll found that 82% of voters agree that the state should increase investments to expand our water supplies.

The big picture: Support for these investments cuts across geographic lines.

  • There is strong bipartisan consensus on investments in water supplies. Both Republican and Democratic voters strongly support greater state investments.

By the numbers: The percentages were just as high among men and women in both rural and urban-suburban areas.

Texans are worried about aging, deteriorating water systems 

84% of Texas voters supported the Texas Legislature in creating a fund to help update the state’s water infrastructure.

Why investments matter: Water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi can happen in Texas.

Learn more on Texas 2036’s stance: Texas’ water and wastewater infrastructure in crisis

How do Texans feel about water?

What our 5th Texas Voter Poll tells us is that Texans are worried about their water, said Jeremy Mazur, a senior policy advisor for Texas 2036.

“They’re worried about their water supplies in a drought-prone state and slightly more worried about the condition of the aging, deteriorating water systems serving their homes,” Mazur said.

See the full results of the 5th Texas Voter Poll.

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