Water infrastructure: 2023 TX Lege Agenda

Texas 2036 is hard at work drilling down into the policy issues that matter most to Texans. Here’s a look at our infrastructure priorities on water for the upcoming 88th Legislative Session.

Texas 2036 policy focus:

Our Infrastructure policy efforts: Texas’ growth correlates with accelerating infrastructure needs. 

What we’re focused on:

  • Water planning and infrastructure
  • Regional water market frameworks

Water infrastructure:

Water infrastructure funding: The need to replace aging, deteriorating water infrastructure grows with each passing year. The Texas Legislature has a unique opportunity to create and capitalize a new fund dedicated to fixing our infrastructure problems and providing long-term solutions.

Why it matters: 88% of Texas voters are concerned that communities may not be able to meet water needs during a severe drought.

By the numbers: The Environmental Protection Agency’s estimate to repair Texas’ aging, depreciating infrastructure is $65 billion.

  • In 2021, American Society of Civil Engineers graded Texas’ drinking water and wastewater infrastructure C- and D.

Regional water market frameworks: A regional approach to establishing water markets enables smarter water management strategies that lead to more efficient and effective water use.

Texas Voter Poll take: 84% of Texas voters support legislative action to create a fund to update aging water infrastructure. That’s not all:

82% of Texas voters agree that the state should increase investments to expand water supplies.

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