The Year So Far, and What’s to Come for Texas

In 2019, Texas 2036 brought on a host of renowned Texas leaders as executives and board members, unveiled 350+ data sets and interactive tools, and launched a new website where Texans can access that material to get a better idea of where Texas has been and where it’s going.

What’s Planned for 2020

This year will be even more important for our organization. In April, we will roll out a long-term strategic framework that includes dozens of aspirational goals related to our six policy areas: education and workforce, health, justice and safety, natural resources, infrastructure, and government performance.

These goals — informed by data, analysis, and conversations with hundreds of experts and leaders from across the state — will help Texans collectively set priorities that will boost their future quality of life and economic prosperity. 

After our rollout of the goals and indicators, we will begin working with Texans across the state to transform that research and feedback into an agenda for the 2021 legislative session.

We want to thank everyone who has helped us build the Texas 2036 Strategic Framework. We also want to thank our generous donors, who have demonstrated their support for bringing these goals and performance indicators forward.

We look forward to this vital discussion about our state’s future as we approach its bicentennial in 2036.

Conversations With Hundreds of Experts and Leaders From Across the State

New Board Members

In preparation for this pivotal year of action, Texas 2036 has added well-known leaders to its board of directors and accomplished experts to key staff positions.

Earlier this month, we welcomed Texas A&M Board of Regents Chairman Elaine Mendoza and longtime San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley to our diverse 36-member board of civic and business leaders from across the state.

  • Elaine is also Founder, President and CEO of Conceptual MindWorks, Inc., a San Antonio biotechnology and medical informatics company that specializes in fields such as health data analytics and population health.
  • As city manager of San Antonio from 2005-2019, Sheryl oversaw an organization of 13,000 employees with an annual budget of $2.8 billion, serving a diverse population of 1.5 million residents.

Texas is blessed with great leaders, and we are grateful to have so many of them supporting our mission and helping the state prepare for a generation of opportunities and challenges.

Elaine Mendoza
Texas A&M Board of Regents Chairman
Sheryl Sculley
San Antonio City Manager

New Staff Additions

Texas 2036 also has hired John Hryhorchuk, a veteran legislative policy expert who most recently served as Deputy Policy Director for Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

“John Hryhorchuk’s leadership and knowledge have been invaluable to the Office of the Governor,” said Governor Abbott. “He played a pivotal role in shaping policy decisions that have improved the lives of all Texans and was instrumental in achieving landmark school finance reform last session. I am grateful for all he has done for the state of Texas and I wish him all the best.”

As Director of Policy for Texas 2036, Hryhorchuk will work with our team to translate the group’s signature data-driven research into policy initiatives designed to extend the state’s prosperity to future generations of Texans. 

John Hryhorchuk
Director of Policy for Texas 2036

For Texas to be the best place to live and work, we need your help!

As our founder, Tom Luce, likes to say, we believe change comes only when the bottom-up meets the top-down — when state leadership and local communities are pulling in the same direction. 

As we work to build a statewide network of people, businesses and organizations that care about the future of Texas, we want to hear from Texans like you about your hopes and concerns for the future — and ways you and others in your community are working to solve those issues. 

In addition, troughout this year, our leaders and staff will be speaking at events across the state, hosting policy summits, consulting with policy experts and political leaders, and communicating regularly about key issues facing Texans today. We hope to see you.

Texas 2036 at the University of Texas at El Paso

To stay up to date and find opportunities to engage on key issues, make sure to:

  • Share your ideas and priorities with us at
  • Talk to your local elected officials about these challenges and opportunities, and make sure they are aware of Texas 2036, our data, and our focus on confronting long-term challenges.
  • Let us know about speaking opportunities at your organization or business by emailing
  • Support our mission by making a donation at:

Thank You for Your Interest

In closing, we have been running hard over the past couple of months toward an exciting reveal of our work this Spring. We are excited to share aspirational goals for Texas and key performance indicators with you and Texans across the state. 

Thank you for your interest and support in our vision that Texas is the best place to live and work.