Thankful for Texas

This week, we launch a week of being thankful for living in Texas, with a rollout of social media that demonstrate all that we are thankful for today. We hope you will join in the online conversation this week letting us know is most important to you and your family.

We are grateful to be doing our work in Texas — a state with a storied and fascinating history, a vibrant and diverse population, leading minds in virtually every sector and industry, and, most importantly, an endless sense of generosity, community, and optimism.

We are also thankful that you have chosen to engage with our organization and its work. And we are eager to keep the conversation going. In fact, we encourage you to listen to the conversation our founder and CEO, Tom Luce, had recently with Rob Kaplan, the president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Tom reflects on his own personal story and what inspired him to start Texas 2036 to ensure future generations of Texans were going to have the same kinds of opportunities that he had when he started his family and career here:

Happy Thanksgiving. We are grateful for you.
Texas 2036