Texas kids on grade level: Texas 2036 testifies on need for parent notice

Texas 2036 Senior Policy Advisor Mary Lynn Pruneda testified on March 14 in front of the Texas House of Representatives Public Education Committee on House Bill 1416.


She discussed the need for more parent notice when kids are not on grade level if the state decides to remove Accelerated Learning Committees. These are committees established by school districts to develop an educational plan for students who don’t perform satisfactorily on the STAAR test in grades 3, 5 or 8 math or reading.

Here are a couple highlights from Mary Lynn’s testimony:

We believe that it’s very important that parents know whether or not their child is on grade level. Ninety-two percent of parents today believe that their child is on grade level; however, in Texas, 60% cannot do math on grade level across all grades.

We do encourage and support the inclusion of language that would better inform and equip parents with the knowledge of whether or not their child can read and do math on grade level.

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