Texas 2036 Pushes Long Term Planning for Texas’ Future

AUSTIN, Texas — Planning for Texas’ future can’t wait.

That’s the message from the nonprofit Texas 2036, which is focused on the future of this state and whether Texas will be prepared to meet its known challenges.

In 2036, Texas turns 200 and according to the group, the state will be home to 10 million more Texans. While the group says that growth represents opportunity, it’s also expected to strain infrastructure, water supplies, schools, health care and the economy.

“If we don’t change the trajectory, we’ll be even more congested. We’ll have lots of people who don’t have skills necessary to access the economy of the future. We won’t have a healthy population if we continue to do what we’re doing,” said Margaret Spellings, president and CEO of Texas 2036 and a former U.S. Education Secretary. “I think our mission is to try to get Texans focused on what will our challenges be and how do we think about solving for those priorities moving forward.”

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