Straight Talk Texas Special Edition: Shaping Our Future

Grab a front row seat for conversations by state and policy leaders on topics that matter both now and in the future.

Special Edition Straight Talk Texas – Shaping Our Future
Date: Jun 18, 2020

This special edition of Straight Talk Texas will feature Texas 2036’s very own to discuss the release of our new report “Shaping Our Future: A Strategic Framework for Texas.” Texas 2036 was founded out of the growing concern that without careful consideration, planning, and decision-making, the tremendous opportunities Texas offers may not exist for future generations.

Shaping Our Future offers a vision and roadmap for Texas’s future by measuring gaps and framing key questions to help set priorities to ensure opportunity for all Texans. Guided by in-depth, cross-cutting data to inform key decisions, this framework for Texas establishes 36 strategic goals across seven policy areas.

Listen in to this important conversation as Enisha Shropshire, Director of Board & External Affairs, hosts this important conversation with founder and chairman, Tom Luce; President and CEO Margaret Spellings; and director of policy, John Hryhorchuk.

What is Straight Talk Texas?

Today, it’s more important than ever for people across Texas to have access to discussions they can trust about challenges facing our state now and in the future. To be the best place to live and work, we need to listen, learn and be aware of what is on the minds of Texas leaders, policy experts, educators and health professionals.

If history is any guide, Texas can come back strong from the current challenges we face. It’s up to all of us to work together to make sure that happens. So, take 20 minutes and 36 seconds to listen in as state leaders talk about health care, education, workforce development and government performance. We hope these videos will provide a front-row seat to conversations that will illuminate and help shape the historic decisions currently facing our state.