Highlights from the 88th Legislature

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Texas lawmakers took vital strides, laying a robust foundation for the future of our state during the 2023 legislative session. Here’s an overview.

Highlights from the 88th Legislature 👏

Where we stood: Texas 2036 supported a long-term strategic approach to optimizing the state’s historic budget surplus, aiming for long-term investments and high-impact reforms.

  • From fortifying water infrastructure and reforming community college finance to ensuring high-quality curriculum in schools and revolutionizing health care markets, our data-driven approach offered a roadmap to addressing some of the issues that matter most to Texans and our state’s future.

Sky’s the limit: We supported lawmakers as they made strides in multiple policy areas, including securing broadband investments, advancing the Texas Space Commission and exploring the future of flying vehicles and artificial intelligence.

  • Plus, we helped legislators as they tackled essential concerns, such as reassessing the state’s approach to law enforcement, addressing court backlogs and improving workforce systems to better serve our veterans. 

👉 Want to learn more? Check out this interview that Texas 2036 Executive Vice President A.J. Rodriguez did with Bob Rivard for his new podcast “Big City, Small Town.” They discussed the policy and progress made during the 88th Legislature. 

Texas 2036 President and CEO Margaret Spellings Takes Texas Bipartisanship National 🏛

Bipartisanship matters: Yesterday, Texas 2036 President and CEO Margaret Spellings was announced as the new CEO of the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington, D.C. 

  • This new role gives Margaret the opportunity to return to Washington to lead again on federal policy through a credible and important policy organization seeking to make a substantial impact with a bipartisan approach not unlike what we’ve developed at Texas 2036. 

A look back: Over the last four years, Margaret has worked with our Board and staff to build a nonprofit that brings together data, research and expertise to develop viable solutions to the challenges facing our state.

  • We have seen the value of this work through a lasting impact in the last two legislative sessions.

A look forward: We are excited for the leadership Margaret will once again bring to the national stage and we look forward to building on this success she brought to Texas 2036. 

Stay Tuned: Legislative Successes 🤩

Where we landed: Following the close of the regular session last week, legislators had passed 81 bills and joint resolutions supported by Texas 2036 across our policy areas of education and workforce, health care, infrastructure, government performance, and justice and safety.

  • This legislation would optimize Texas’ historic budget surplus and solve many of the state’s biggest challenges.
  • We remain committed to supporting the state’s decision makers in implementing these ongoing efforts so that together, we can ensure a prosperous Texas.

What’s next: As we look toward our state’s bicentennial, we have already begun strategizing our next steps.

  • This includes continuing to collect data and prepare reports, build statewide coalitions, draw media attention, attend speaking engagements, grow our social media following, and garner more supporters like you.

Generational investments: Over the following months, our newsletters will dive into some of the biggest legislative successes we supported during the 88th Legislature. 

👉 Don’t want to wait? Check out key accomplishments from the regular session.

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