Government performance: 2023 TX Lege Agenda

Texas 2036 is hard at work drilling down into the policy issues that matter most to Texans. Here’s a look at our government performance priorities for the upcoming 88th Legislative Session.

Texas 2036 policy focus:

This session, our government performance policy efforts will be divided into two primary themes:

  1. Broadly addressing the long-term fiscal, workforce and technological needs of our state government.
  2. Leveraging data and IT to specifically target improvement in government services related to policing, the judiciary and child welfare.

What we’re focused on:

  • Fiscal sustainability and budget performance 
  • Talent, technology and data
  • Improving systems for the vulnerable

Why it matters: Government performance is a signature policy area for Texas 2036, with our team often the only voice on many critical issues. 

General government performance:

Rising cost of living: Texas should pursue salary, benefits and workplace reforms to ensure the state government is able to recruit and retain high-quality employees. This can include pay raises, remote work and skills-based hiring.

State agency turnover in 2021 was 21.5%, the highest in recent history.

Cybersecurity and IT investments: Modernization efforts using one-time budget surplus funds provide a long-term pathway to improving state technology.

Texas’ Network Security Operations Center regularly blocks upwards of 2.46 billion cyberattack attempts on state agencies about every couple of months.

Texas Voter Poll take: 78% of Texans supported using $1 billion of federal funds to improve the state’s cybersecurity and technology systems in 2021.

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