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Investing in the Future of Texas: Education and Workforce 🛠

Taking action: From pioneering reforms in community college finance to the strategic expansion of apprenticeship programs and further alignment of education-to-workforce outcomes, the Legislature made a tangible commitment to the future of Texas during the regular session.

Where we stood: Texas 2036 has been an instrumental partner in this endeavor, leveraging data-driven, evidence-based policies to improve student academic and workforce outcomes.

  • Combined with billions of dollars in generational investments in education and workforce issues, these efforts have culminated in a dozen landmark achievements this session.

Dive deeper: Each bill serves as a stepping stone in Texas’ journey toward every Texan having the opportunity to earn a family-sustaining wage. 

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Reforming Community College Finance 💰

Big moves: Texas will be at the forefront of higher education reform with the passage of a comprehensive community college finance overhaul.

  • Paired with an additional $691 million investment, this bill will help more Texans earn the credentials—degrees, workforce-aligned certifications, licenses, badges and apprenticeships—needed for good-paying, in-demand jobs.

📊 Over 70% of jobs in Texas will require a postsecondary credential by 2036.

  • Governor Abbott signed House Bill 8 by Rep. VanDeaver, R-New Boston, and Sen. Creighton, R-Conroe, into law last week.

▶️ Watch: Policy Advisor Renzo Soto breaks down the top legislative victories in higher education and workforce.

It’s Your Turn, Texas 🫵

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Expanding High-Quality Curriculum 📚

Progress ahead: High-quality instructional materials have a high return-on-investment in improving student outcomes, even more so than lowering class size.

  • $500 million investment will offer more of these materials to schools and teachers, assisting educators with lesson planning while ensuring more rigorous, grade-level instruction in our classrooms.

📊 Only 19% of elementary reading curriculum taught in Texas classrooms is on or above grade level.

  • On Monday, the Governor signed HB 1605 by Rep. Buckley, R-Killeen, and Sen. Creighton into law. Senior Policy Advisor Mary Lynn Pruneda was invited to join the signing ceremony for her efforts supporting the bill.

▶️ Learn more: Mary Lynn discusses how the 88th Legislature prioritized high-quality instructional materials and curriculum.

Defending Accountability and Assessments ✏️

Why this matters: Assessment and accountability remain primary tools for ensuring that students of all races, incomes and zip codes have equitable access to a first-rate education.

  • Families, school leaders and policymakers deserve strong assessment and accountability systems that prioritize student outcomes, readiness and transparency.

📊 87% of Texas districts earned an A or B in the accountability system, but almost half of students aren’t on grade level in reading while 60% aren’t on grade level in math.

  • During the regular session, no bills undermining this system reached the Governor.

▶️ Explore more: Policy Analyst Gabe Grantham talks about the top legislative victories in education, particularly student readiness.

More Education & Workforce Legislation 🧑‍🏭

Other notable Texas 2036-supported legislation will:

✔️ Increase enrollment in advanced math courses,
✔️ Maintain high-quality tutoring requirements,
✔️ Establish data needed to expand apprenticeships in high-demand industries, and more!

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Texans Are Talking 📢

We asked: If you had an extra dollar to spend in the state budget, where would you spend it?

You answered:

▪️ “Teacher salaries and public school funding.”
▪️ “Criminal Justice — diversions for youth and re-entry methods for returning citizens from jails/prisons.”
▪️ “I would spend way more money towards water … funding desalination plants and water research.”
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