3 important roles of school accountability: Video

The Commit Partnership recently released a compelling video highlighting the importance of Texas’ school accountability system, currently known as the A-F system, which is a critical tool for parents, students and communities.

The video outlines three important roles of school accountability:

  1. Hold school leaders accountable for improving student outcomes and closing achievement gaps. 
  2. Provide parents and taxpayers with clear information on how well their school is doing at teaching students reading, math, science and history and preparing students for life after high school.
  3. Incentivize schools to adopt best practices and evidence-based interventions to better serve their students and improve student outcomes. 

Texas invests over $70 billion per year in our public PK-12 system in Texas. The school accountability system is an important tool in ensuring this investment results in more students graduating from Texas public high schools prepared for college or career. 

We must maintain a school accountability system that prioritizes student outcomes and transparency for families. Without a strong accountability system that provides apples-to-apples comparisons, Texas would not know how its students or schools are performing. 

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