While Texas is home to a thriving population, many face barriers that hinder their potential and put Texas’ future prosperity at risk.

We’re working to solve this so a prosperous future for every Texan is possible.

How Data-Informed Policymaking Works

Texas 2036 was founded on the belief that data-informed policymaking is essential for our state to address its long-term challenges. We believe that the most sustainable solutions are data-driven, results-oriented and measurable. 

We strive to serve as a resource to members of the Texas Legislature to find solutions grounded in research. We build coalitions to inform our advocacy. And we believe operating from a common set of facts can support progress on issues that matter most to all Texans.

 A Long-Term Plan for Texas

With the launch of our Strategic Framework in 2020, we began a 16-year focus on data-driven policy across six key policy areas: education and workforce, health, infrastructure, natural resources, justice and safety, and government performance. 

Our Strategic Framework tracks progress of 36 aspirational goals, comparisons to peer states and improvement across over 100 leading indicators.

Our Results

Focused on foundational reforms, our nonpartisan vision propels us continuously to seek impactful legislative action through initiatives and wraparound policy solutions that cross party lines. 

During the 87th Legislature,  we saw bipartisan passage of 45 bills backed by Texas 2036, a testament to the power of our data-driven efforts. 

For the 88th Legislature, 73 bills and 33 budget items supported by Texas 2036 that advance and strengthen Texas’ future became law. 

A Lasting Legacy

Our donors’ contributions have been central to this work. Here’s a look at the legacy they have helped create.

Education & Workforce: Results for Texas

High Quality Tutoring

810,000+ students will be eligible for free, data-informed math tutoring, and 865,000+ students will be eligible for free, data-informed reading tutoring.

Advanced Math

150,000+ students will be auto enrolled in advanced math in middle school annually.

Community College 

All 50 community colleges will have funding overhauled to align with future workforce demands.

Workforce Alignment

$110 billion in education and workforce funding will be aligned to state goals, with public transparency and accountability for program outcomes. 

Government Performance: Results for Texas

Pension Reform 2021/2023

Multiple reforms combined will save the state nearly $40 billion over the next 30 years.

Permanent School Fund

Streamlined investment operations will ensure an extra $100 million more per year for public schools at no taxpayer cost.

State Agency Technology

All state agencies will create IT modernization plans and all large agencies will have improved data governance.

Economy of the Future: Results for Texas


State organizing space activity will occur through the Texas Space Commission.

Flying Vehicles

State organizing local regulations will through a new consortium.

Artificial Intelligence

State planning will use AI to solve problems, but also study limits.

Infrastructure: Results for Texas


$1 billion will address aging water infrastructure and develop new water supplies.


Organize state efforts will facilitate the development of hydrogen energy through the Texas Hydrogen Production Council.

State Parks

$1 billion will maintain and invest in new state parks.


$1.5 billion, with up to $3.3 billion in federal funding, will address broadband expansion.

Extreme Weather Planning

Extreme weather trends data will continue to be used in state water planning.

Health Care: Results for Texas

ACA Marketplace

350,000+ Texans enrolled in the ACA Marketplace (estimated) after rate reform.

Postpartum Medicaid

100,000+ mothers qualified for up to one year (estimated).

Price Transparency

From first evaluation to most recent, compliance nearly doubled.

Health Care Markets

All Texans are now entitled to new billing protections. Employers who provide for 50% of Texans have new options to reduce cost and improve value.

Justice & Safety: Results for Texas


New procedures will be in place for hiring/firing for 2,700+ law enforcement agencies and new databases and misconduct reporting for 79,000+ licensed peace officers.

State Courts

$10 million in new case-level data collection system and other IT resources for the trial and appellate courts.

Even with these significant successes, Texas continues to face challenges. Learn more how we’re taking action.