What Texas Business Leaders Are Thinking

This time last year, Texas was wrapping up a year of record low unemployment and job growth, in which nearly 1,000 jobs were being added every day. Economic growth seemed limitless, driven by a business-friendly climate and relatively stable energy market.

Fast forward a year, and 2020 has disrupted Texas’ economy and hobbled our job-creation engine. As Texas 2036 has reached out to talk with chambers and business leaders across the state, we’ve found that our state might have to redefine what “business-friendly” means.

Learn what’s top of minds for these major Texas employers by taking our quiz.

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Texas Employers Tell Us:

  • While Texas CEOs are bullish about the future economy, immediate workforce issues are top of mind for most.
  • Some looked further into the future and worry about Texas’ educational attainment, particularly the reading levels of third and fourth-grade students.
  • Some employers have invested in their own training programs to bring up skill-levels of Texas entry-level workers.
  • Others mentioned that the lack of a quality public education system has deterred talent from moving to Texas and worry that it will become a disadvantage to the state.

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