What Texas 2036 has accomplished in 2022

As we approach another year towards our bicentennial, Texas 2036 has worked hard in 2022 to ensure the Lone Star State has its foot forward to be the best place to live and work. With 2023 fast approaching, here’s a recap of what our team has accomplished throughout this year.

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Data and Policy Work

Texas Capitol rotunda interior accomplished

We rolled out compelling data and research across our policy areas, including broadbandenergy expansionpublic safety strategieswaterspending limitsthe uninsured, an updated hospital price transparency tool and improving skills in the workforce.

Texas Voter Polls

Texas Voter Poll accomplished

We reached out to thousands of Texas voters to understand their priorities and concerns on issues facing the state. Learn more by visiting the Texas Voter Poll.

Legislative Policy Work

what we've accomplished so far

We solidified our spot as one of the most active policy shops working during the legislative interim, testifying more than 40 times before legislative committees and commissions, highlighting budget opportunities during hearings on state agency funding requests and preparing hundreds of pages of testimony and thought pieces for our blog.

Strategic Framework

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We updated and expanded our touchstone dashboard to showcase the data that should guide policymakers’ decisions in the next legislative session and beyond.

2023 Legislative Agenda

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We worked hand in hand with outside policy advisory groups and our own legislative committees throughout the legislative interim to lay out positions on our four priority areas — education and workforce, health care, infrastructure, and government performance — as the focus of our advocacy work under the Dome next year.

Texas Road Show

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We traveled thousands of miles in 2022, from El Paso to Texarkana, Amarillo to Brownsville and many stops in between, to hold important conversations about moving all of Texas forward.