Video: A.J. Rodriguez talks legislative priorities

Texas 2036 Executive Vice President A.J. Rodriguez spoke Wednesday with Spectrum News morning anchor Alex Stockwell on where he thinks state lawmakers should place their legislative priorities.

“This session, it really is all about the strategic allocation of the $32.7 billion surplus that our state is experiencing,” Rodriguez said. “So we’re asking our legislators to focus on those long-term, high-impact projects” such as addressing the state’s aging, deteriorating water infrastructure or broadband accessibility.

Rodriguez also spoke about what makes Texas 2036 unique in its approach to its legislative agenda and public policy.

“Our focus and our differentiator is on data,” Rodriguez said. “Our founder, Tom Luce, says that without data, you’re just another person with an opinion. So we like to focus on the data to develop those policy solutions.”

Watch the full interview below: