Sept. 29, 2023

Dear Valued Supporters and Fellow Texans,

In the midst of heightened political divisions that stretch from dinner tables to the halls of our state Capitol, we face questions not merely of ideology but of our shared future as Texans.

A concerning reality underlines this: our August Texas Voter Poll showed that only one-third of Texas voters are optimistic that the next generation will fare better than the current one.  

So, you, like many of us, might be wondering how we can bridge divides and move forward?

For those deeply committed to Texas, today and for generations to come, the answer lies in a dual approach: Hold fast to your convictions while also searching for common ground on the key issues that data shows are shaping our future. 

Our growing state confronts serious challenges that demand immediate action and collaborative solutions. We cannot afford the paralysis of either cynicism or obstinance.

That’s why Tom Luce founded Texas 2036. His vision was clear: bring Texans together and use trusted data to build civic demand for nonpartisan solutions to issues essential to our collective well-being such as education, infrastructure, natural resources, health care and a modern functioning state government.  

Over the last four years, we have turned Tom’s vision into tangible results. With the leadership of our board, and thanks to your unwavering support, we have backed legislators in passing over 120 meaningful bills during the last two legislative sessions. Each of these bills, receiving overwhelming bipartisan support, has significantly shaped the future trajectory of Texas.

But, the work is far from over, and your continued engagement is critical to our success. 

Leverage our data to advocate for what matters. Reaffirm that despite our differences, we as Texans have the capacity to unite for the greater good. Invest in our state’s long-term health to ensure opportunities for prosperity and quality of life exist for all Texans for generations to come.

By doing so, we will not only dispel the myth of an irrevocably divided community but also make good on the promise that the future of the next generation is much brighter. Given these poll results, it’s clear we need to do more to demonstrate our commitment and belief in the future of this state. 

Let’s come together, not just as Texans, but as stewards of a brighter tomorrow. Your support has been our foundation; let’s continue to build a Texas that future generations will be proud to call home.


Texas 2036 Team