The Core Purpose of Texas 2036 Is To Create A Better Future For All Of The People Of Our State

The core purpose of Texas 2036 is to create a better future for all of the people of our state. We believe in using data to guide Texas’ long-term thinking and decision-making, which includes identifying inequities that exist in economic and educational opportunities, as well as health care, housing, and transportation. We are committed to using this data to help address institutional barriers that prevent all Texans from achieving their highest potential.


But we also know that creating a better Texas is about more than how we use data. It’s about how well we treat each other and how well we listen and work to understand each other. It is critical that we hear and respond to the voices of Texans — specifically black people and members of other minority communities — who have been subject to unfair, unjust and unequal treatment.


Now is the time for us to pull together, listen to each other, and enact the changes needed for Texas to become the state we all know it can and should be for all Texans.


Margaret Spellings, President & CEO, Texas 2036