As we approach the end of 2021, we are one year closer to Texas’ bicentennial and we are one year closer to another legislative session. After completing one full legislative session and three special sessions, Texas 2036 has been very busy in Austin. 

While there was much work to be done within the city limits, we recognized there was a lot more to be done around the rest of the state. That’s why, over the last six months Texas 2036 went on the road and visited our supporters and partners, sharing our vision and legislative wins, and raising additional support for our work.

The Texas Road Show has made pit stops in four major regions of Texas, visiting hundreds of business and community leaders around the state to share our data, goals, legislative accomplishments, and plans to keep Texas moving forward. We’re reinforcing our existing relationships and identifying new partnership opportunities all over Texas.

Texas Road Show participants at a conference table

Over the next few weeks, we are fueling up for a busy 2022 where we will continue the Texas Road Show by visiting seven additional regions of the state.

We look forward to meeting leaders in your hometown, making new friends around the state, and ensuring Texas remains the best place to live and work through our bicentennial and beyond.