Texas economy doomed without dramatic education improvements

As education goes, so goes the economy. And the state of education is in peril.

That was the theme of the ElevatEd daylong conference Monday hosted by the Holdsworth Center at Southern Methodist University.

Tom Luce, education reform advocate and founding partner of a prominent Dallas law firm, said 65 percent of jobs in Texas will require a two- or four-year degree by 2036, the state’s bicentennial year. Only 21 percent of Texas students earn a two- or four-year degree now, said Luce, who is chairman of school reform group Texas 2036.

“As education goes, so goes our economy, our quality of life and our future, and that’s true of every Texan,” Luce said at the conference. “I don’t care if you have children or if your children are in private school.”

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