Texas 2036: new leadership, board members

In 2023, Texas 2036 Founder and Chairman Tom Luce will transition into the role of Founding Chairman.

Tom Luce founded Texas 2036 in 2016 amid growing concern that without careful consideration, planning and decision-making for the next generation, the tremendous opportunities Texas offers may not exist for future generations.

By 2019, Texas 2036 took off to become a nonpartisan nonprofit organization building long-term, data-driven strategies to secure Texas’ prosperity through the state’s bicentennial and beyond.

 Today, our organization offers nonpartisan ideas and modern solutions. We are grounded in research and data on issues that matter most to all Texans.

At the Board of Directors’ Annual Meeting in September 2022, Marc Watts of Houston was elected to succeed Tom as the Chairman of the Board.

As discussed in investor meetings earlier this week, Marc, who has chaired Texas 2036’s Legislative Committee since 2020, will take on the role of Chairman on Jan. 1. Tom will remain as Chairman through the remainder of this year.

…I think it’s our work [at Texas 2036] to take these public policies that we know are the right thing to do and figure out together how we can forge that political consensus, because it’s more difficult now than it has ever been. I truly believe that this organization is better situated than any to do just that.”

– Marc Watts, Board Chairman-Elect

Get to know Marc.

This isn’t goodbye: Tom will remain deeply involved in Texas 2036 in the future as a member of the Board and the Legislative and Executive Committees.

Welcome, new Board members: Let’s give a warm welcome to Texas 2036’s newest additions to the Board of Directors. The four new members began their terms at the Board of Directors Annual Meeting on Sept. 22.