Legislative Agenda for the 87th Texas Legislative Session

The 87th Texas Legislative Session is scheduled to begin in 54 days. And we’re excited. In June, you saw our strategic framework, which sets out 36 strategic goals across policy areas that are vital for the long-term prosperity and success of Texas.

Yesterday, we announced our 2021 legislative agenda, which focuses in on six key policy areas that we believe are top priorities for next year’s legislature: education, workforce, digital connectivity, healthcare, government performance, and budget prioritization.

These six policy areas are interconnected, interdependent, and key to the state’s success. We must take action on each. By making critical investments and reforms in all of them, we will be taking crucial steps towards securing a bright and prosperous future for our great state.

As we continue to prepare for the coming legislative session, we will continue to share our plans and priorities with you, including expanded research and data that provides additional context and analysis in support of the priorities laid out in our legislative agenda.

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