Handling This Unprecedented Crisis

The new coronavirus (COVID-19), will likely impact every Texan and every business in some way in the coming months. While its full impact is yet to be understood, it’s safe to say that Texans haven’t encountered a crisis quite like this one.

However, we know that Texas has never seen a challenge we couldn’t overcome. This mindset of resilience matters right now, as does the confidence in our state’s public officials and the thousands of Texans and businesses that are already working on the front lines to address this threat – healthcare providers, emergency personnel, caseworkers, teachers, administrators, elected officials and those who are restocking stores, checking on their neighbors, and ensuring public safety.

Texans take pride in personal responsibility and independence. We are the “Lone” star state after all. We also take pride in being the “Friendship” state and taking care of one another. So the best thing all of us can do right now is to take personal responsibility for keeping each other safe.

We join the chorus of many others to encourage you to follow the guidance issued by your local health authority and from Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

As our name “Texas 2036” suggests, we have a long-term focus. It may seem difficult right now to focus on a future horizon as we all confront the COVID-19 pandemic and the sudden downturn in oil prices. However, Texans need that long-term focus to inform our everyday decisions. By thinking generationally, we can start to use data to make the policy decisions NOW that will help protect Texans and their way of life through 2036 and beyond.

Through the coming weeks and months, we stand ready to assist state and local leaders with anything they need. While our employees are working from home, we will continue working on the goals, strategies, metrics and ultimately policies that will help Texas move forward on a path toward prosperity. Toward this end, we will be reviewing the impact of this current pandemic on our state’s health and education system to determine what we can learn from today’s crisis that will contribute to our future success. We welcome your feedback and ideas.

In the meantime, Texans need their trademark combination of pragmatism and optimism more than ever. Let’s follow the advice of health experts across the country and do our part to stem the tide – this will pass, and we all stand ready to assist as we continue to look towards the future.