Celebrating two centuries of Texan spirit

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Two centuries of Texan spirit: Celebrating our past, shaping our future

From Texans’ declaration of independence in 1836 through statehood to its position today as the nation’s economic dynamo, Texas has always drawn on the energy of its freedom-loving, hardworking and independent-minded residents.

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Check out this tribute to Texas on its birthday… We reached more than 300,000 people with our loving shout out to the Lone Star State!

Voices at the ballot: Who’s steering Texas toward tomorrow

About 3.2 million Texas primary voters went to the polls to select who will appear on the general election ballot in November. That’s out of a total of 17.9 million who were registered to vote.

For a number of reasons, Texas primary elections are incredibly important in determining the makeup of the state Legislature, the judiciary and our statewide elected officials.

Thanks to all you primary voters for participating in this vital part of our democracy. And please don’t forget to turn out May 28 for the runoff elections! Here’s the good news… even if you didn’t cast a ballot in the first round, you can still vote in the runoffs.

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The Panhandle fires and Texas’ unyielding spirit against extreme weather

The devastating wildfires in the Panhandle are an awful reminder of the state’s vulnerability to disasters related to extreme weather events.

There is also nothing more Texan than Texans helping our neighbors in their time of need. The Texas Department of Agriculture established the State of Texas Agriculture Relief (STAR) Fund to help farmers and ranchers in the state recover from natural disasters.

For more information on the fund and how to make a donation, click here.

Equipping future generations for work and to raise a family

From increasing access to advanced math classes to making high quality instructional materials more readily available to districts across the state, Texas 2036 remains committed to readying the next generation of Texans for the careers that will sustain the Texas Miracle.

Beyond high school, we also remain committed to aligning postsecondary outcomes to the skills needed by the modern workforce.

This year’s kindergarteners poised to be the graduating class in Texas’ bicentennial year of 2036. There’s no time to waste.

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The bottom line…

Texas 2036 is working to bring Texans together to celebrate our achievements and address challenges over the long run.

Texans, take part in shaping Texas’ future by making a donation as we approach the bicentennial. Help highlight the role of community, resilience, and forward-thinking in this journey.

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