A Note from Texas 2036’s Founder and Chairman

I have heard people say crises, whether they be tornadoes, hurricanes, wars or pandemics, build character. Actually, they usually reveal character, as well as strengths and weaknesses.

As we watch some Texans stepping forward on the health care front lines — putting their health at risk — and those who remain indoors to protect others, it’s important for all of us to do our part and take the time to thank our fellow Texans. Community, kindness, action and gratitude are needed right now.

I have no doubt that we’ll defeat this disease. Texans will rally to help their neighbors. They always have and will again. The question is what this pandemic will reveal about whether our state is organized for success. Do we have a robust public health system? How will our decentralized system of government collaborate? How can we protect children and ensure they do not fall behind when schools close?

Yes, we need to deal with tyranny of the urgent, but we need to be ready to prepare for the future by fixing what this crisis reveals. Look for more from Texas 2036 as to what this crisis has been teaching us,

God Bless Texas,