Texas has, according to some estimates, the second-largest population of children under 18 in the U.S. That means nearly one out of every three households in Texas is home to families with children under 18.

What is the real state of parenting in Texas? 

  • Is being a parent really that expensive?
  • How much are parents earning?
  • Can Texas families afford to buy a home?
  • How are parents working to prepare their children for life after high school?
  • Where are we doing well, and where are there opportunities for improvement?

We take a look at how Texas parents are faring, including where opportunities exist for the state to do better.

     Making Texas the best place to raise a family

    Texas 2036 was founded to make Texas the best place to live and work — for the next generation of Texans, and the generations after them.

    Our team at Texas 2036, which includes parents of over two dozen children, is doing its part today to help raise tomorrow’s generation of Texans.

    Texas 2036 is committed to policies that solve many of the issues that Texas parents are facing. We are excited to continue to work to make parents’ lives better.

    “I’ve tried to explain to my seven grandsons that I could not have been born in a better place, at a better time, than Texas in 1940. If I had been born in any other place, I wouldn’t have had the same opportunities.”
    Texas 2036 Founder Tom Luce

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