Our 36 Goals

36 Strategic Goals For Texas To Achieve By 2036

1. Economic growth:

Texas spurs economic growth through an innovative and business-friendly climate

2. Quality of life:

Texas is the best place to live and work

3. Early learning:

Texas children get a strong early start to succeed in school and life

4. K-12:

Texas students graduate high school ready for postsecondary success

5. Postsecondary:

Texas students earn a postsecondary credential to access the jobs of today and tomorrow

6. Jobs:

Texans have the knowledge and skills to access careers enabling economic security

7. Workforce needs:

Texans meet the state’s current and future workforce needs

8. Availability of health care:

Texans have access to basic health care

9. Affordability of health care:

Texans are able to afford the basic health care they need

10. Population health:

Texans live long, healthy, and productive lives

11. Public health:

Texans and their communities are empowered to adopt healthy lifestyles

12. Return on health care investment:

Texas has a high-value health system that manages costs and delivers results

13. Mobility of goods:

Texas enables economic growth by moving goods efficiently

14. Mobility of individuals:

Texans can travel to their destinations effectively and efficiently

15. Safety:

Texas maintains a safe transportation infrastructure

16. Digital connectivity:

Texans can digitally participate in economic opportunities and essential services

17. Energy distribution:

Texas maintains a sufficient, reliable, and cost-competitive energy infrastructure

18. Crisis readiness:

Texas is ready to address the human, economic, and environmental consequences of natural disasters and hazards

19. Quality of air:

Texans have clean air

20. Sufficient water:

Texans can rely on a sufficient water supply

21. Quality of water:

Texans have clean water

22. Parks and wildlife:

Texas enhances and protects its state parks, and public and private open spaces and wildlife

23. Agricultural production:

Texas leads in agricultural production with responsible natural resource stewardship

24. Energy production:

Texas leads in energy production with responsible natural resource stewardship

25. Public safety:

Texans are protected from threats to their well-being and property

26. Protection for the vulnerable:

Texas protects the vulnerable from traumatic experiences

27. Safety net:

Texans have access to resources to meet basic needs when they are in crisis

28. Justice system:

Texans are served effectively, efficiently, and impartially by the justice system

29. Confidence in government:

Texans have confidence in the public institutions that serve them

30. Civic engagement:

Texans actively participate in governing their communities

31. Broad, stable revenue base:

Texas people and businesses contribute taxes and fees to meet strategic needs and remain competitive as we grow and change

32. Wisely managed state spending:

Texas strategically manages state expenditures to deliver the best value to taxpayers

33. Talent in government:

Texas government attracts and retains the needed talent to deliver excellent service and get results

34. Proven, modern methods in data:

Texas government uses data-driven and proven, modern methods to drive toward shared goals

35. Customer service:

Texas people and businesses can access public services they want and need through user-friendly methods and devices

36. Aligned accountability:

Texas officials at all levels collaborate well


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