Center for Houston’s Future: Tom Luce & Margaret Spellings discuss the future of Texas


From the Center for Houston’ Future Site:

Center for Houston’s Future 2019 Dinner & Conversation program featured two of Texas’ most prominent leaders, Tom Luce and Margaret Spellings, discussing their their bold vision for the future of Texas. Dan Goodgame, editor in chief of Texas Monthly moderated the conversation.

Tom and Margaret have worked together for decades, including at the U.S. Department of Education during Margaret’s service as Secretary of Education and Tom’s role as Assistant Secretary under President George W. Bush. Most recently, Margaret was president of the University of North Carolina System and served as a senior advisor in both the White House and to then-Governor Bush. Tom has had a distinguished career as founder and managing partner of the Hughes & Luce law firm and has served the state in many prominent public service roles. Both speakers share a belief that the future of Texas requires new thinking and new solutions. With that goal in mind, Tom recently founded Texas 2036, a nonprofit focused on creating a vision for the state, and Margaret has joined him as CEO and President.